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Brian Cody

Kilkenny Hurling Manager

"I strongly support CCJ in facilitating the creation of ten jobs in every community countrywide by leveraging and effectively using dormant and official resources in collaboration with communities, state agencies, private sector and the diaspora."

Centre for e-Innovation and Workplace Learning

Dublin City University

"We are delighted to part of such a positive initiative to mobilise all that is good about our communities resources. We welcome the fact that this project is very much in line with DCU's strategy of transforming lives and we will endeavour to support and ensure that the CCJ vision is realised to its full potential. We are excited about the prospect."

His Excellency Loyola Hearn

Canadian Ambassador to Ireland (Nov 2010 - Jan 2015)

"I congratulate CCJ on the preparation of the Global Investment Brief with the aim of attracting direct, foreign investment to the Dunhill and Waterford areas. The work being done in this area to attract interest and investment is worthy of praise as this is certainly the way to create a general awareness of the potential of the area. I wish CCJ every success and I offer my full support in any way possible."

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