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CCJ Enabling Tools

Over time, the following resources will be developed by CCJ Members:


  • Range of Replicable Projects

      - Community Assets Identification Questionnaire

      - Collaborative Solutions

      - Case Studies

      - Site Visits

      - Funding Sources

      - Global Investment Brief Template

      - Extensive Network of Expertise on Job Creation in Communities

      - International Shared Learning IT Platform·

      - Samples of Business Plan Templates

      - List of Work Related Supports

      - Range of Franchise Opportunities

      - CCJ Quarterly Newsletter

      - Diary of CCJ Regional Seminars

      - Portfolio of New Innovations in Community Enterprise

      - International Network of Contacts


  • Access to an extensive network of expertise and achievement on job creation in communities

  • Successful ideas and best practices on job creation

  • Samples of successful funding applications and business plans

  • A series of organisation templates and protocols

  • A Community Assets Identification Template

  • A list of grant funding / finance sources

  • A list of enabling tools

  • Examples of collaborative actions between communities; within and across counties and regions; with third level institutions; private industry; specialist interest organisations; research institutes,members of the diaspora; and public sector

  • A real-time system of communication through newsletters,interactive website and social media

  • As membership increases new tools will be introduced

Dunhill Rural Enterprises Ltd. (DREL) Project


Last summer (2014) we (DREL) completed our local DFBA Business Directory Project which turned out to be an overwhelming success. It contains 156 local businesses and 70 local voluntary organisations along with a list of associate businesses and useful/emergency numbers. We are a parish which has four villages Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand and Annestown with a population of 2151 and we included in our directory the Local Economic Statistics (Micro Economy).

Dawn International Ltd. agreed to sponsor this project for which we are very grateful and we approached the local business community to place advertisements either full or half page so as we could cover the cost of print and design. We offered voluntary organisations a fifty per cent reduction on the standard rate. 


Our next mission was how to deliver this publication throughout the parish and we were very fortunate  with the help of Na Gaeil Juvenile GAA Club to come across a local student who had just completed his Leaving Cert Sean Mc Kinley of Ardnahoe. In mid July Sean took off on his trusty steed and cycled around the parish from Dunabrattin to Sporthouse and Carrickadustra to Coolnacupogue covering the entire parish over a three week period (showing no fear to anything of a canine, bovine or equine nature) in all types of weather. Sean’s reward for his hard work was a few bob from the sales but as agreed prior he amassed €250 for Na Gaeil Juvenile club.


We have given copies of the directory to Ministers and Government dept’s, TD’s and Senators and several Third Level institutions and representatives, local councillors and groups and voluntary organisations throughout the country and as far away as Co. Antrim not to mention Michigan USA, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, Bulgaria and Finland. We have received tremendous feedback and feel that this project could be replicated in any parish anywhere in the country and further afield.


“There is no limit to what can be achieved by a community working together”
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