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Who are CCJ? 

Community Creating Jobs (CCJ) is a national collective of like minded individuals who have been successful in developing a 'blue print of how to', create employment, by assisting with advice and knowledge to help develop, sustainable employment within communities throughout Ireland.


Whats our aim with CCJ? 

 CCJ want to create 10 jobs per community & 20,000 jobs country wide by 2020.


Where did we start? 

With a group of individuals who came together with a simple choice, to accept the challenge that they saw in their own community and became the change in their own community creating jobs. 


What do we do? 

Great strength comes from working together, CCJ offers a membership network of individuals who offer peer support, share knowledge and experience of how best to create jobs in a community. Utilising a host of enabling tools for example 'Community Assets and Opportunity Audit' that often highlights hidden opportunities and benefits of pre-existing valuable under utilised opportunities that can  be often overlooked in a community due to familiarity. 


How do we do it? 

We work together with you. Offering our skills, knowledge, experience, a shared network of individuals and community organisations who are attempting and suceeding in  further developing communities by creating viable employment in their own communities.

What to do now? CALL US NOW 087-2222081 - Séamus Goggin our membership officer.



Communities Creating Jobs (CCJ) is a movement of ordinary people based throughout Ireland who wish to do something positive and innovative on a voluntary basis to address the twin issues of unemployment and involuntary emigration.


CCJ has emerged through the efforts of a number of individuals who have been inspired by what they have seen being achieved in their own communities through the use of community resources and the harnessing of community energy.


CCJ is firmly focused on leveraging all available resources (community, private and state) to facilitate the creation of small-scale employment opportunities in cities, towns and villages throughout Ireland.

CCJ Members in Ireland

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