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  • Extensive network of expertise and achievement on enterprise in the community

  • List of successful ideas for enterprise and jobs

  • Wide choice of replicable enterprise projects

  • Community Assets Identification Questionnaire

  • List of grant funding / finance sources

  • List of enabling tools

  • Solutions that worked in communities

  • Samples of successful funding applications and business plans

  • Range of franchise offerings

  • Portfolio of community enterprise expertise and experiences

  • Leader Inter-territorial options – North/South

  • Collaboration options- between communities, within and across counties and regions, with third level institutions, with private industry, with specialist interest organisations, with research institutes and members of the diaspora.

  • Member will take full responsibility for any decisions taken by them

  • CCJ will provide information free but will bear no responsibility for how it is applied

  • CCJ will circularise newsletters on a quarterly basis at minimum

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